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Hello to all. I just bought a 1985 GL1200I. The bike has 125 thousand miles but seems to be in good shape with no known issues. I have put a couple of hundred miles on the last few days trying to get a good feel for the bike. My daughter (12) loves the ride from up top but I am still getting use to it. My last ride was a 1996 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Classic and the Goldwing ride is completely different. I am originally a Cheesehead from West Allis, Wisconsin but now reside in Fayetteville Georgia. I already want to Thank You for all the info in the forum. I have been reading nonstop and running down to the garage to check things out and try ideas. Thanks again
welcome to the forum from the west coast of Canada. Smile
welcome to the forum,pay attention to the posts in the electrical section about stator.regulator and the solenoid mod if not already done,you'll be happier later
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario
Welcome to the sight you will find much useful information here and hopefully you will make a few new friends. Also check on the history and last time changed out for the belts

Greetings and Welcome from Massachusetts!
Welcome from Kentucky.
Welcome from Southern California.
I am the second owner of an 84I.
Original owner put 104K miles on her and I have added another 38K.
Maintenance is in your future, do it on your schedule and not hers.
As was mentioned, check those belts and all electrical suggestions/mods.
To date, I have changed the belts as well as the electrical upgrades, head gaskets, and most recently, an external alternator.
Also, search out the auto parts/Mother Honda parts cross reference list, it includes a oil filters, timing belts and other useful bits to help keep you and yours on the road and happy.
Even with the miles on your bike, you have many, many smiles still in her.
Enjoy the view from the saddle.

-Ride On
Welcome from East Texas.