Full Version: Hello from NE BC
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Hi everyone I am getting my bike tomorrow. Looking forward to getting help and trying to help out where I can.
Welcome to the site, this is a good site for GL1200 owners. Most of us have 1200's by choice because we prefer the classic style and the long life of the engines. A lot of us do our own work on our bikes and take pride in what we ride.BTW Vancouver Island here. Seems to be quite a number of Canadians here in the mix. Once again "Welcome."
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario
Welcome from South West Ontario
Welcome aboard, Shawn. When you have your "new" 'Wing, post a picture so we can share in your smiles!
welcome from mid MD/PA area
Welcome from SW Florida
Welcome from East Texas.
Welcome from NW Ohio.
Welcome from Stroud Oklahoma.

Welcome from Kentucky.
welcome from central maine.
Greetings from Massachusetts!
Welcome to this site from Aldergrove BC.