Full Version: Hello from Arkansas
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Just found this site, looks like a lot of good info. on here,
I started building V.W. Trikes in 1973 in the Navy,
and built my Goldwing Trike in 2003, Found a wrecked 1984 1200 with only 29,000 miles on it, paid $ 1,000.00 for it, when I got the Trike done I had about 3,000 in it,
This is me in 1973 on my first V.W. Trike, Made with All Navy Metal.
[Image: trike006_zps6517be95.jpg]
This is my Trike now with my Dog Jerry Lea, And He Loves To Ride.
[Image: Trikeamptrailer003_zpsf99d682f.jpg]
.... and Welcome to the forum from Sunny, Southern California!
Welcome from East Texas
Hello and welcome to the forum from Butler, PA.
Thank you for your service to the U.S.A.
Cool looking trike.
welcome from mid MD/PA area
Welcome to the site.
Welcome from another Arkansan. Where are you located?