Full Version: Hello from Tennessee
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Just bought an 86 Aspencade with 71k on it. Bought a new 87 Interstate in 88. Had it for 6 years and had to sell it to get money to purchase a vehicle after my truck was stolen. Twas a sad day! Glad to be back on a 1200, brings back great memories for me and the wife! Editorial note: I made my user name before I could read anything in the forum. I use this user name in almost everything I do online. If it's a problem I need to know how to change it. Not here to beat anyone up with my faith.
Hello from north west Ohio.. I have family in Louden Tenn.
(07-19-2013, 09:33 PM)jaycojman43 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello from north west Ohio.. I have family in Louden Tenn.

About an hour north of me!
Welcome from East Texas
Welcome from Kentucky, have no problem with your faith.
welcome from maine.
welcome from mid md/pa area
Hello and welcome to the forum from quaint Butler, PA.
I have no problem with your faith either.
Thanks for the welcomes!! Looking forward to the forum.