Full Version: 84 GW Aspencade Radio
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Hi guys and gals, new to the GW and have a few questions about my radio. The right side speaker does not work and when I hit a bump etc I hear a lot of static.

I have installed new speakers and will check wiring on the right one but any other good ideas for the static?

Any one in the VA Area that is knowledgeable about this model, i would love to catch up for a coke or lunch something.

I am in Northern Virginia near Dulles Airport.


welcome to the forum from the mid md/pa area

most likely your contacts on the back of the radio either need cleaning or adjustment,its also possible that the connection on the speaker doesn't have good contact or has fallen off,i usually rewire mine so they have a plug connection

does your radio work correctly when attached to helmet speakers?
hello Mark, welcome to the forum.