Full Version: turn signal problem
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Hey guys

Right turn signal and tail light working fine

Left side not - turn signal flashing but dim, tail light is also flashing off and on. Tail light indicator on dash also flashing off and on (but only when bad side is flashing)

I have checked bulbs, appear to be good - check good with ohm meter. Unplugged and re-seated connectors in tail light assembly, also the one to the left of the seat behind the saddlebag lid.

Still bad.

Any ideas?
switch hazard and turn signal flasher around and see what happens
Try cleaning the connector plugs under the seat with a contact cleaner like "Nu-Trol"
That's what I use and it works great and it does nit have a silicone base like WD-40 does and it is safe on plastics as well.
I think you have either a dirty connection or a poor ground as that would cause your tail light to flash as well as the signal light.

Let us know how it works out.
.... most likely a hot lead is grounding or a poor ground.
under the seat and around the saddle bags is a likely place where wires can get pinched or squeezed. With weight on the seat or in the saddle bags, and miles of vibration (Honda Goldwing vibration - not the 'other guy' type) the insulation on wires can get worn through causing shorts to adjacent wires or to bare metal, creating symptoms as you describe.
Switching known good parts with questionable parts (left side to right side) is a good way to see if you can get the concern to 'move'. If after switching bulbs and/or flashing units left to right you still have the problem, most likely it is a short as I described.
Clean all terminals and make sure all grounds are clean, solid and tight.

These kinds of electrical problems may take some time to find so patience needs to be abundant in the tool box.

-Ride On
thanks guys for the suggestions.....

As usual, the problem was somewhat my fault....

I recently had the saddlebag off to change brake pads. When I replaced it, I was not careful to secure the wiring for the tail lights etc in those little clips on the saddle bag framework. The wiring came loose and was rubbing on the tire, 2 wires broken off completely and 1 frayed. Should be an easy fix, hope to be back in business soon.

thanks again

mechanical failures are the easiest electrical shorts to find and remedy.