Full Version: I need help lol
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My 1985 aspencade 1200 went to the shop today and the owner of the shop damaged my rear light/brake light housing (the red bar that wraps around the upper luggage rack). My problem is that when I go to get it inspected here in NC next year it won't pass having a cracked lens on the light/brake light housing. He is looking as well but I thought I would see if anyone on the sight might have a lead where I might find one. Any help here would be VERY appreciated.
This is a piece of it.

They have a lot of parts there but also check out eeebay
Is it cracked in the center section or on the corner ? Poorboy
just the center section the two end red sections are fine.
A bit on the pricey side... But found one on ebay

This one is lower priced
I have the center section if you want it. Cost of shipping + what ever you think it's worth donated to this web site.