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hello from lake eufaula ok. my wing is a 84 aspencade. just love to ride this wing.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome from NW Ohio. I also have a 84 Aspencade and yes I love to ride it to..
Welcome to the Forum from Sunny Southern California.

I have an 84I with 144K miles on her.
I have put the 40K on her, and yes, she is fun to take out for a 'little' spin.

-Ride On
Greetings from western hilly Pa

ride safe
Welcome from East Texas.
Greetings from Western Massachusetts!
Welcome from Kentucky .
Hello and welcome to the forum from Butler, PA
Howdy and welcome.
Welcome from Vancouver Island Canada,if you own a GL1200 you're in the right place Big Grin
thanks to all really enjoying the info. my ride is a 84 aspencade.
See you at 11. Wink
welcome from mid MD/PA area