Full Version: Pics of starter solenoid bypass
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So I have purchase my second solenoid now and for some reason I'm still not getting the starter to turn with the start button so I was thinking I may need to do the starter solenoid bypass that neoracer sent me with docs. I was wondering though if anyone that has done this could snap a few pics of the finished process so that I can see if that matches up what I'm seeing in my head for the process with the directions??

Thanks in advance!

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what you are thinking about is the solenoid modifcation,its not really a "bypass" but what it actually does is remove the solenoid connector and the dogbone fuse from the circuit which in the past is a problem area,about the same way the stator conector causes a problem
if you are having starter switch problems you can backprobe the yellow/red wire at the solenoid connector and check the voltage there when you press the starter switch,you should be seeing a 12v signal,normally a 12V testlight is sufficient