Full Version: Rear wheel looks off center after tire change
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I just replaced my rear tire. The old one was a Dunlop e2 which had the typical zero clearance
at the drive shaft housing. The new tire is a Shinko tourmaster 150 / 90 which has 7/16"ths clearance at the shaft housing. Both tires seem to measure the same overall width so I did some measuring and it seems the wheel is 3/16"ths off center which does not seem possible if everything is on correctly i.e. swing arm-spacer-caliper bracket-spacer-wheel- tube spacer-final drive. Tire pressure is at 38. Wheel bearings are tight and seated properly. Am I hallucinating? anyone switch from a dunlop to a shinko that can verify space? Am I just too much off a perfectionist? Am I being punished by the Honda gods for putting on that Harley tail light? Was this the wrong time astrologicaly to change tires?
i mounted one for someone else and they never reported a problem,didn't notice anything,i am sure that if something is wrong it will surface quickly when riden

i do that when i mounted a shinko on my front (SEI),that the speedometer went from being fast by 7mph at 70 (GPS) to 3mph fast at 70
just make sure the bead is seated ALL THE WAY AROUND the tire, on both sides and check to make sure the tire itself, has no defects (bulges and such)

you should be good to go.....
Ran into the same problem on a friends 84 Aspy, When he switched from dunlops to shinko. We had to break the bead and reinflate twice before the tire bead finally completly seated even with tech tire mount. After the bead completly seated all was fine. Look the same amount of tire above the rim, all the way around and both sides.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Still working on the front end but I guess the test ride will reveal a problem if there is one.