Full Version: Grmlins at Work?
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Here’s an odd one for you. Putting the bike back together after painting, I am chasing no brake lights when the head light quits. The bulb checks OK on both filaments and the brake lights are working after slight switch adjustment.

Checking to see what else may be wrong:
Turn signals – OK
Tail lights - OK
Clearance lights – OK
4-way flashers didn’t work before and still don’t
Starter works
Honked the horn and it made a muted sound and then got loud and clear.
Surprise, the headlight now works.

Was the headlight relay stuck open and just needed a current surge/drop to work correctly? Only Honda knows for sure.
... add a grmlin bell
mount it at the lowest point on the bike
the ringing attracts the grmlins which then get stuck in the bell
once stuck, the ringing will irritate them until they fall off and onto a bike without a bell.....

(of course, maybe the bike wants to go into stealth mode (no headlight, no brake lights))

maybe the rear brake light switch needs the contacts cleaned - contact cleaner, WD-40, spit
This past season I had a intermittent headlamp issue. The culprit was burnt out headlamp connector. Easy fix, the three prong connector is very common and available at any auto parts store.