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Will a 84 Aspencade harness work on a 84 Interstate?
off the cuff I would say it would.
there should be some plugs you don't use - if fact there are some plugs that are not used on my 84I!
the color code should be the same whether it is an Interstate or an Aspencade.

year to year is where you need to exercise caution, but even then, a good set of schematics will answer many questions.

having a schematic on hand would be helpful

if I can ask, why does it need to be changed?

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Thanks for Reply. I will make sure that they are same years. The reason for changing it is to put a harness on that has not been butchered by a PO . The PO that had my bike did SO much damage to the harness that I get one ground issue, or no power problem fixed and another pops up. I want to ride the bike not work on it constantly. Its gotten to point of get harness or part out bike.
get the harness

get the harness

get the harness

get the harness
I would have a look at the schematics first. I know when I changed the plastic on my 85 Aspy with an 84 Interstate the harnesses to the fairing were different and the Aspy had three plugs to the fairing from the main wiring harness as the Interstae only had two. I had to swap fairing harnesses and use the dash from the 85.

I remember looking at the schematic and things like turn signals were on different pins on different plugs from the main wiring harness. Maybe Neoracer can chime in with some help on that.
Again, I don't think Honda would make two completely different harnessss for the 1984 Interstate and the 1984 Aspencade. The core harness should interchange. As I stated, I have unused plugs on my fairing harness. I also don't think Honda would use different color codes for the different models. A schematic is ALWAYS a handy tool to have available.
The biggest concern would be when NOT using the same year because that is when things change up.
Yamaha is the same way. I had an early XS650 which used mechanical electric devices. In the later years, those mechanical switched to solid state, and so did their pin arrangement in the plastic plugs. With the use of schematics and a bobby pin, I changed all my mechanical electric devices to solid state and never worried about them failing.

Get copies of the schematics for the 84 harnesses and study and compare them. Go systematically from one device to another and answer all your questions and concerns before starting the swap.

Take your time.

This will work.

-Ride On