Full Version: relocate radio
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1985 interstate my radio is dead can't find anything wrong with it replaced the 20 amp and the 7.5 amp fuses just incase they were bad and cleaned the contacts on the back of the radio and where that blue plug, plugs into the bike still nothing. Now I'm thinking of putting a aftermarket marine radio in the left side glove-box all the wiring is right there, there is no power amplifier or auto volume tone controller to get in the way so it should be kind of easy and I was told that to replace the radio in the dash I have to remove the whole fairing and my back could just not handle that chore or I'm just a lazy s*b. anyone know if this will work? Also going to replace the 4" speakers since I only had one to begin with and no speaker wires going to it. LOL.

You do not have to remove the fairing to replace the radio. Poorboy
If you had no wires going to the speakers maybe thats why it isnt working