Full Version: front tire has worn flat on left side
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It looks like the PO made a lot of high speed left turns and scrubbed flat spots into the tire. Any ideas what could cause such a condition?


Frame twisted comes to mind as a posibility
(04-06-2014, 02:14 PM)SIR tricky Wrote: [ -> ]Frame twisted comes to mind as a posibility

Hadn't considered that possibility. After we put the new tire on, would a roll test with wet tires reveal a twisted frame? It handles well now except at low speed (<20kph) where it wants to turn left when rolling over the right side of bumps in the road.

Bike has no play in front wheel bearings or stem bearings.
Some areas have a very high crown on the road. Some people ride leaned to the left or right, for instance a very heavy passenger who wants to see where they are going so they lean to one side or another and the driver compensates by adjusting the bars.
.... also check to see if the fork settings are idenical
if all the other suggestions don't shed some light, there may be something wrong with one of the forks, weakened spring, low/old fluid things of that nature.