Full Version: funny feeling in the front
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I've noticed something in my GL1200 this spring that I don't recall ever feeling in any bike I've had.
Whenever I make a turn, like coming out of my driveway, turning at a stop sign, most anytime I have to physically turn the handlebars, I get a funny feel from the front end, sort of like the forks are twisting slightly. I don't get this feeling when I'm rounding a curve in the road.
The first thing I checked was the Super Brace and all bolts are tight.
Has anyone else gotten this feeling from their bike?
Any ideas on where else I need to look?
Thanks so much for your help.
Have you checked the steering stem bearings? Very low speed turns will require you to turn the bars more than cornering does. If the bearings are shot, you could be fighting to get it out of the "notch".

Put the bike on the center stand and sit in the passenger position. Use just the tip of a finger to slowly move the bars lock to lock. See if it's completely smooth or not, and whether you feel and sort of "notch" in the center position.


Check the front tire pressure first
Also take a close look at the valve stem for leakage
Thank you all for your help.
The tire pressure is the first thing I checked, and it was good.
I haven't checked the bearings though. I'll to that in an hour or so and let you know what they feel like.
Thanks again.
I think what you are feeling is normal for the 1200. Don't think the front forks are as stiff as other bikes or weigh more
Yes. its a heavy bike, a little throttle and counter steering should help providing there is nothing mechanically causing a problem.
Checked the bearings, as described above, and don't feel anything at all.
I just posted the question because I've never felt this before, so was a little concerned.
I've ridden this bike for somewhere around 10 years, so I'm plenty used to a heavy bike.
I appreciate the help, and now that the rains have stopped, for an hour at least, I'm going to go put some miles on the ol' girl.
I see you mentioned you checked the head bearings, is it possible that the bearing has a worn spot, sometimes it is hard to feel.

Block the it so the front wheel is off the ground, and use one finger on the end of the bars to move them from side to side very slowly.

When mine developed a worn spot though, it felt like the rear wheel was loose Smile
Mine feels like that and definitely has a worn 'notch' in the steering. I have it halfway apart to replace steering head bearings - currently stalled removing the special triple clamp nut - thought I had the right tool but it's way too big.