Full Version: Wonky Signal Light
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I'm a new owner of an '84 GL1200A and one of the only issues this bike has is a wonky left-front signal/marker light.

It functions as a signal light when I turn the left indicator on, and lights up steady when I turn the right indicator on, but it doesn't light up when the indicators are off. The right-front signal/marker light works as it should.

Here's a video that will explain it better than I ever could in words:

I know next to nothing about electrical voodoo, but I know that both filaments of the bulb are good and that the socket is good. I'm assuming this must be an issue in the indicator switch.

Does anyone have any insight? Please remember that you're speaking to an electrical noob. Big Grin
My 84 Interstate has the same issue with the winker as yours.
I used some aerosol contact cleaner and with use, its performance improved but is still in need of cleaner contacts or maybe it is just age.
What I ended up doing is learning where the sweet spot of the winker switch was which allowed the winker to work as it was designed.

As odd as it may sound, my left winker is acting up just like your left winker.
(a 'feature' of the 84 model?)

-Ride On