Full Version: charging rate
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So I helped my buddy get his Goldwing running again last night. Today, the bike hits 14.1 when riding, but drops when he is at idle. Is that normal? He said that, in the past, it always indicated 14.1 volts. Even at idle. We checked his owners manual and found that it should stay between 10 and 15 volts. We made a minor adjustment to keep his idle from dropping so low.
Should be 3A, 14-15 VDC at 3000 rpm.
Good information SIR tricky. Thanks a lot.
do all the usual stuff:
check connections for clean, tight and melt free conditions
check the output of the stator
check the condition of the battery just as a means of eliminating that from the recipe
may be the regulator

trouble shooting electricity can be entertaining, to say the least

good luck