Full Version: Radio transplant new and old antenna compatability
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Hi Wingers

Greetings from across the Pond!

My project Wing is nearing completion.
All painted and glossed!...
Last job is the new radio install
and hidden quad speakers.

My new radio is a mechless, deckless
system and is very narrow in width.
Perfect for our Wings. You can
play the radio, mp3's, wma, use
the Bluetooth etc.

I don't need a CB, too
busy riding!
The original Honda radio whip
has been wrecked by a drunk.
I'm unable to get another one.
I was advised to buy another
compatable antenna, but I don't
know what currently would work?

I've tried an anti vandel short
rubber antenna and it wouldn't
tune the stations in?

Could the problem be:-

A British radio vs a USA antenna?,
the station frequencies are different.

I'm looking for a short, antenna
to use, for listening to the radio.
Any whip ones only last a day,
people (drunks) or kids enjoy
wrecking the Honda antenna,
when you park in their neighborhood?

Thanks for any advice riders!

Angel :-)
you might try a inline fm booster with the rubber whip,also you might check if the radio has the capabilty to be tweaked to the antenna,probably would have to contact the radio manufacturer for that info or may be hidden in the instructions
Do you know a radio nerd?
Or do you know someone who knows a radio nerd?
Is there a non-franchised (Mom and Pop or Radio Nerd) shop who sells and installs radios?

They may be able to dial you in.
Thanks NR & BS

Looking for a shorter compatable
antenna, I've tried a few,
nothing works except the whip
antenna? why?

Ride safe!