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Just picked up a 1985 Honda goldwing 1200 limited about 2 weeks ago. I knew about the stator issue with it so I started using Google and found out about the conversion kit. Figured I'd better become a member of one of the forums now as it's going to be a nice project to work on and I'm sure I'll have questions. I was always a crotch rocket fan, owned a couple cruisers though. I had suzuki gs550e and an old 750 Hondamatic. Now it's time for me to give a goldwing a try

The day I got it

[Image: 20140823_164826_zpsi7dd8lwo.jpg]

And after throwing some parts on it

[Image: 20140829_201722_zpsdlumxv8z.jpg]
Looks pretty good, welcome aboard!

Thanks Roger, been testing the stator and reg, looks like I will do the alternator conversion kit here soon. Readings show a bad stator as far as I can tell from reading around.
Ya from what I read, it sounds like it's shot. I did mine last year, it wasn't too bad. I took my time, it took me a couple of days to do it and it's been good since.
Did a bunch of testing and connection fixes and the stator is good, each wire puts out 6+ volts. Got the bike back together and ready for a road test.
never never use the side stand or the center stand when trailering your bike.
either use a chock and or four straps

you risk cracking the frame.
I had it delivered, but will remember that, thank you.
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Nice looking Wing.
welcome to the forum from mid MD/PA area
Thank you for the warm welcome. I got the lights working now. This has turned out to be a very fun project, I also picked up the matching helmet.

[Image: 20140905_200904_zpsmkpjmxoa.jpg]

[Image: 20140905_201808_zpsvkdemyhq.jpg]