Full Version: New from Cochrane, Alberta
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Hi Folks,
Glad to be joining your site as a recent owner of a wonderfully kept & maintained 1984 Goldwing Aspencade. This season my wife and I went on a trip down to Oregon and had an amazing adventure. I appreciate the knowledge base here and years of experience that I can tap into from the seasoned Goldwingers. I've owned a few other machines so while not new to motorcycles, this is my first Wing.

Would like to post a reminder of the need to exercise caution on the road as this past Saturday our small group came upon a fatality motorcycle incident near where I live. Keeping the family in our prayers.


welcome to the site from mid MD/PA area
Welcome from north west Ohio. You have the same wing as mine.
I love mine. She has 110000 miles and still going strong.
Welcome from Southern ONtario,

We would love to see your pictures from your Oregon trip...
Hello and welcome to the forum,
Welcome to the forum and please, share some pictures of your trip.
Greetings from Massachusetts!
Welcome from Texas
Hi Miles,

I'm from Cochrane as well. At the moment I have a Silverwing GL500I, but I am on the search fot a Gl1200. It would be great to meet you.

Best regards,
Pity your so far away, I have one or maybe even both my 1200 aspencades for sale