Full Version: Panasonic radio's : Various models :Mix and match
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I have an older radio with many issues ( AM , FM , and intermittant tape)
and a recently purchased parts radio to start stripping parts from.

About 2 hours ago I discovered that there are THREE Panasonic GL1200 radios :
Model #1100 , #1200 , #1300 ( Who Knew ?? )

The parts radio , has a bad LCD , but works otherwise well. Its a model #1300.

The original fritzy one is a model #1100 .

So far I have found that they have different LCD's , the #1300 is almost a half inch longer, and is mounted differently ..

So if I was to start robbing the #1300 for boards to place in the #1100 model , how many of those boards would work , upon substitution ??

The model #1300 LCD shows a tape running icon , so clearly the LCD circuit board is slightly different .

How many other circuit boards are also different between these two models ? ??

A friend suggested that at least one of those models was designed for 4 speakers on the SEI )

have each model of the radios and all work in either my aspy or my sei as well,as far as what boards are interchangeable between models the people who would know are the ones at sierra electronics
Well after a couple of afternoons work ... the short answer is " None of Them "

The main circuit board has 9 ( not 8) connectors , one of which is a mylar ribbon ... so there is no way to connect anything from any other model number ... how sad ...

But Someone, somewhere MUST have the schematics and component placement for a GL1200 Panasonic radio, model # RM-1300a (1986?)

I successfully added an external MP3 pickup to the summing junctions of the fritzy model 1100 radio:

Like this:

This addition works well ( the FM is still fritzy)

I’d like to repeat this same operation with a working model #1300a radio.

All I want is a location for the summing junction point.

If anyone knows of ANYONE who has explored this fairly rare GL1200 radio circuit board, could you let me know??