Full Version: '84 Standard in Indiana
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I used to have a V65 Magna and I've got to say, I like this much better. With the carbs rebuilt and synch'd, the handlebars bent out to be comfortable on the elbows, she's got brawn and comfort.

So I picked it up early this summer for $1500. It didn't run very well and the sellers so-called "goldwing guy" didn't know why. Well, the carbs were clogged and filthy - duh.

I found an old K&G rack and backrest, which I modded to work. I put some harley front and rear turn signals on because I really don't care for the big, blocky stockers.

I plasti-dipped the "tins" a black-cherry color which I'm likely gonna peel off in the near future.
I, too, would like to find an undressed '84 since I love my '84 Interstate.

There is just something about that big, exposed motor that gets me going.

Nice score.
Check all the usuals posted on this and other forums, electrical connections, stator wires and such, and you too will have many, many (s)miles in the future.

-Ride On