Full Version: Welcome to 2015
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Hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas, and now entering the new year, my wish for everyone is:

This year, plan to get out and ride. Put on those miles, get those smiles, enjoy, too soon we are too old.. time passes

We already plan to ride more, take more weekends off, as farming permits, and see more of our country and US.
(01-01-2015, 07:09 AM)LorneG Wrote: [ -> ]This year, plan to get out and ride.

I do, in fact I started today with my traditional "newyears ride" .

[Image: 2015-01-01_ritje.jpg]

Best wishes for 2015 for all forum members.
I am working towards that end......

due to the education of my three college student children, and one going into college, my bike has sat for several months.

This past week I have:
replace two head gaskets
replaced the oil orifice o-rings
replaced the gaskets at the hard pipes for the water
cleaned the carburetors (not bad since I drained the float bowls first and turned off the petcock
polished the intakes and the diaphragm tops (hey, I was waiting for parts)
replaced the timing belt, idler pulley springs
replaced the oil seal on the gear shift shaft
replaced the gear shift pedal rubber
replaced thermostat
serviced the front calipers, sticking due to non-use
cleaned the light rust off the three rotors
added and adjusted engine guard floor boards
added the four switch console on the right hand controls to tidy up the two toggles the PO placed hap-hazardly
replaced the reflectors in the trunk with lenses and dual lights

What is left is final assembly of:
the radiator
the external alternator (Thanks Poorboy)
oil and oil filter change
adjust tire pressure
final assembling of the body panels and seat.

..... I am trying to get BACK to riding before 1/12/2015

(wanting to) -Ride On