Full Version: A problem with my LCD instruments
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I have noticed today thet the LCD display on my dash is kinda flickering.

this all started after I gave the chassis a good bath.

when I first turn the key on it looks like it goes into a normal test mode, all is steady, but after this is starts flickering, whats up with this?

Water most likely got somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Hopefully it'll dry out for you on it's own.

Except for the occasional rain shower while driving mines never had soap and water used on it. Just Lemon Pledge and Mothers chrome polish! For a 23 year old paint job she still looks rather Spiffy If I do say so myself!!
I know when ever my bike got a good soaking in the rain, after several hours riding the electronics would start to go haywire but after a drying out, usually over night everything would kick in again.


When we're riding in a rainstorm that lasts for awhile, my instrument panel breaks down, especially when showing the speed. Once it dries out, however, all returns to normal. I suspect the moisture manages to penetrate somewhere.
I thought these bikes are made to take the rain? I am not planning on rideing in the rain but but you never know when you might get caught in a rain storm and you should be able to without worring about your gages getting messed up while they are wet you would think. Might be a good idea to take a hair dryer with you if you had a converter also. Smile
I imagine the rain gets into the connectors and probably makes the signals go haywire.
I've never had the dash give me a problem but the CB and radio would go out, mind you this would be after several hours of torrential downpour a condition that many would retire off the road till it stopped, but not idiots like me I guess Smile
I would find me one of the nice overhead driveways that they built for motorcycles to get under when it rains. That was sure nice of them to build them for the bikers. Big Grin