Full Version: Cree LED H4 Headlight bub
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i already have HID lights in both my Wings and have a 14 HD trike which uses Cree Leds in the headlights which are fantastic i i think at least if not better than my HID's,
saw this on ebay and was curious as to whether they would be any good on a mc,am not gonna tear my HID's out but have a neighbor whose 01 Heritage uses the same H4 bulb,received one last week and put in a spare gl headlight i have and at night appears that it might be ok,will report once we get it mounted in the HD,it is a simple plug-n-play install,then again HID install in a 1200 or 1500 is not a major install either,this may be ok for a 1200 rider who is "challenged" lol,dollar wise i think an HID install is a better investment for a 12 or 15 owner

found several similiar style bulbs on ebay which appear similar and somewhat cheaper but this thread only will be for the bulb i bought not any others