Full Version: Replacing low fuel thermistor
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I (finally) got the fuel level sensor device out ...
and I have a brand new NTC thermistor all set to go....

any clever ideas for opening the little anti-slosh can that the thermistor lives in ?

The plastic cap is quite stuck and even with single tab pried up, doesn't want to come out .

The best I can come up with is using a Dremel tool, with a tiny cutting blade and slicing the can open and bending back the flaps.
Seems very drastic and quite crude.. although no one will actually care what it looks like , after its rebuilt, as long as it " works" .

Any other solutions come to mind ??

I am just taking a guess here, but I think it is safe to say, you are pioneering here as most folks just replace the whole sending unit with a known working unit.
but.... forge on and let us know your findings.

Good Luck!

-Ride on
I cut it open with a dremel cutting wheel and replaced the thermistor. Works just fine now.

I also bent the float arm while I was in there, so now it goes to 1 bar of fuel with 60 kms left. The light comes on about 50 km.
excellent work