Full Version: I have a Love for my GL1200, but....
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So most of you know how I am in the process of repairing the transmission in my 84I.
I was at a point where it was finally time to install the heads. I had been looking forward to getting to this point for months. Life getting in the way and all.
The cylinder block and heads were clean, all the new gaskets and o rings had arrived, and I had 4.5 hours of daylight (required for 55 year-young eyes) at my disposal.
Just then my wife came out to the driveway and said, "It is early afternoon, the weather is great...... Do you want to go to Disneyland?"
Without ANY hesitation or disappointment in my voice or face, I responded with, "Sure! Give me 10 minutes to put my tools away and wash up."
And off to Disneyland my two daughters, son and grandson, went for the rest of the day.

I Love my GL1200I, but........ it can wait. Smile

-Ride On
Cool Beans!!!!! Cool
work or Disneyland, Disneyland as long as she's paying Smile
Work? Nah!
Work is usually something you are required to do.
Spending time turning a wrench on the Goldwing is more of a hobby for me. So the hobby can wait.
(besides, I really don't want to miss the look on my grandson's face when he gets a surprise visit from his favorite Disney Character -whenever that may occur.)
Life is short enjoy the time with the number one thing in life "FAMILY".