Full Version: Hello from France
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Just found out that this forum for oldwings 1200 exits and had to register and say hello.
My dark blue gl1200a from 1986 came to me 4 years ago and will stay for long time. In the 80s and 90s i had a 1988 venture 1300 , a 1993 ultra glide, a 1987 gl1200 with eml-sidecar, a 1991 gl1500se and other "most" fast bikes . I loved all of them with their plus and minus. 4 years ago i saw the one i have at a yam dealer and couldn't get it of my mind so i bought it 2 weeks later. I'm happy with my 1200, it is the best dresser i rode till today for me. I also rode other bikes i never had like a 2016 gl1800 or a 2016 ultra limited and others but i think i am a gl-boy and need to seat on a gl to feel at home.
Enjoy your ride :-)
Cool Beans!! Welcome to the Site!!
Yes Welcome to the site, not as busy as it once was but so far still up and running
welcome to the site from mid MD/PA area
Welcome to the site from the buckeye state. Ohio