Full Version: Battery to clutch!
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Was having some problems with my battery in the hot weather, drying up and by sitting loosing a charge. Ended up removing it, filling it back up with distilled water tried charging it. No good. Took it to Autozone and they said it was good but just needed charged. I think I hooked it up backwards to the battery tender.. :oops: ..Well, He##, yep I did. After a while I noticed what I had done and I thought I had things back the way it should be. Noticed the voltmeter wasn't working normally after I got it started. Got butt-pucker real bad! Confusedhock:

Got the battery charged back up and the voltmeter is back up to 14 charging. Now it really gets wierd! Tried to move her with the engine running. Pulled in the clutch, felt mushy, clunked into gear, she jumped forward and died like there was no clutch. I know the clutch is hydrolic, right? Did I blow a fuse somewhere cause of my ignorance with the battery? Yea, lot of things are possible.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
1985 Aspencade GL1200. :cry:


Check the clutch master cylender, It sounds like its empty, there must be a small leak somewhere.

fill it up, and slowly pump and bleed the system, that should get you going again

Hey dalph,
Don’t think you’ve done any damage although you didn’t help the life of the battery any. Confusedhock: If it helps any, you aren’t the first to do that and you won’t be the last! :lol: Does sound like clutch master cylinder problems though, might be time for a rebuild. :wink:
The battery might come back if you didn't reverse charge it too long.

For the clutch, fill the master cylinder and bleed the slave cylinder while you have the clutch lever depressed, repeat 3 times, next, cover the false tank and fairing with towels then peel back the rubber cover on the banjo bolt at the clutch master cylinder, break it loose with a 12 mm wrench and retighten pump the clutch lever 3 times and hold it down and gently open the banjo bolt to release any trapped air, repeat until you get no more air and your clutch should be good again.
Thanks guys, I'll give er a try....