Full Version: colours of 1987 Aspencades
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Hi, can't be sure I posted this correctly earlier on but could some one please clarify that the black/tempest grey colour applied only to the 1987 Aspencade, also are there any differences between the 1987 Interstate & Aspencade models, seen some pictures where the fairing is similar to that found on the earlier Ltd & SEi.
The reason I ask is there is what appears to be an 85 Aspy for sale which has the 1987 colour of black/tempest grey & what looks like the 87 remodelled seat.
Also on another note the 1987 Goldwing engine is supposed to be the one to go for but is there that much difference from say a 1986 engine, any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to re-assemble my 86 Aspencade bodywork onto a 1987 Aspencade to take advantage of the supposedly better engine.
since bodywork parts are easily changed , only way to tell year of engine would be from serial #