Full Version: Not been on this forum for sometime
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I have a couple of early Wings with a 1984 GL1200 Standard one of my favorite bikes. I have owned it for 7 years now and it has been a wonderful machine. Last year it started to act like the carbs needed cleaning and was not running well.
Once I have some time to outline the procedures I took to remedy the situation I will post these for the forum members to give me some insights and help. Needless to say the bike still has issues after a full carb rebuild, so I will leave the rest for a later date.
Glad to see there is a forum dedicated to this model as the early GL1000's are a different beast all together.

A lot of people resort to Sea Foam to keep the carbs clean rather than rebuilding.
Nice looking bike, really nice actually! Did you check for any vacuum leaks, maybe the old hose has a crack right where it hook on. The best mechanic once told me start with "the simple stuff" IE: spark plugs, wires and so on. Just a thought, I am usually resistant to mechanic in a can items but I do now use Seafoam in my 85 Limited and it does seem to make it run better.
I am so glad there is a forum just for these bikes. Goldwing Docs has a ton of information as well...