Full Version: Hello from Northern Wisconsin!
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Bought an old (1986) Aspencade a few days ago! Took it for a brief ride and one of the side covers became airborne. So I stopped on the side of the highway to fetch it and dumped the bike after I got the stand down. Then I careened off into the ditch while trying to regain my balance. It was spectacular. Maybe you had to be there to appreciate it. Didn't get hurt (I'm 74) and lots of nice people saw me and gawked, including another old guy who helped me pick up the bike, and one very nice woman who fetched the wayward side cover for me. Overall, I was mortified.

Moving along spritely from this part of my introduction, The GW I bought was previously owned by a person who removed the offending part every time it stopped working, like the air pump, cruise, and I don't know what else yet. BUT! It seems like the stator is good & my brand new $100. battery is staying charged! I hope to restore it somewhat and I hope I can get some help here. Thanks for putting up with me in advance.
Welcome to the site and it sounds like you had an eventful ride but glad no one was hurt. There are some good tube videos on how to pick up a heavy bike, though thankfully I haven’t had to use - though they say one should practice.
I had a 78 GW that fell a couple times. Once because the wind blew it over. It was relatively easy to pick up. When the Aspencade fell, I was lower than the bike, on an incline, and I couldn't budge it. I hope I never drop it again.
Happens to the best of us I'm sure. I bought a gizmo strap/jack a few weeks ago to help pick up the bike in moments like that. I used it once on another (non Honda) bike I bought earlier in the year and managed to rip the seat while jacking it off its side. Not sure what I was more embarrassed about, the resulting damage from picking it up or dropping the thing in the first place. Oh well, just another day in the saddle I guess.
Not much activity on this forum. I wonder why?