Full Version: New user - West Central Illinois
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Hi folks - Just joined a couple days ago. Bought an '85 Aspencade off Ebay the other day and thought I could pick a few brains on here if needed. Glad a forum dedicated to the GL1200 series is around. There are other Wing forums out there but it's nice to have a place where the pertinent info is not buried quite so deep on the site. I'm an old Harley rider but I'll be the first to admit - The engineering of the Wings is far, far superior. My 2018 Harley Ultra finally has at least some form of liquid cooling on it. Should have been done decades ago as far as I'm concerned. Hope to meet a few folks and garner some info here and there. Ride safe out there -
Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy your 85 aspencade. There’s lot’s of good information from experienced wingers and new wingers getting experience on this site that is helpful when one gets into things like troubleshooting and repairs. Have find and stay safe