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Greetings; We purchased a 1985 GL1200 this summer. We have ridden 1980's BMW boxers for years
the time came when they were too small, seats too narrow, back doesn't bend anymore. We found a
1985 LTD with 32k absolutely perfect condition. I spent quite a bit of time getting used to the weight.
My wife likes it because of the backrest and wider seat, the more I ride it the more maneuverable it is.

I checked the alternator connector and found a previous owner had botched the job of bypassing the connector
by using speaker wire, I immediately replaced it, and cleaned the regulator mounts and greased with silicone grease. Volt meter reads hi 13s now. New tires came with the bike removing and replacing the rear wheel
may be good for the soul, somewhat like wearing a hair shirt for penance for past sins. After a new battery
and bleeding the various hydraulic systems installing new fluid, we have really enjoyed the bike.

We live in Northern CA. in the shadow of Mount Shasta (20 miles from the Oregon border) the fairing
lengthens my riding time further into winter.

All in all we have enjoyed the Honda and look forward to more long trips in the future.

Merry Christmas Jim

Sounds like you found a really good bike! The weight you will get use to and your spot on with the nimble feel