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Hello all, I recently upgraded from a little Honda Hawk (the 400A) to a 1985 Goldwing LTD with 109k on it. The fuel pump died and so it sat for a few years. I have no started a "winter" project of rebuilding the brakes, clutch hydraulics and an overall refreshing of the systems. By next March or April, I hope to have her back roadworthy and ready for lots of miles.

I need to do some reading on things here and posting pictures.

I would like to share the "rebuild work" and get feedback on things.

Welcome GoldwingLTD
Alan, as you can guess from my handle I also have a 85 LTD, it was the absolute top of the list for me after I sat on one in 1985.
But it took 23 years for the stars to line up correctly to buy one. Mine has about 60,000
I am also doing a rebuilt of my bike, front seals, brake calipers, brake pads, wheel bearings, new tires, maybe new brake hydraulic lines, and anything else that doesn't look perfect.
Then I get to turn her around on my elevated work stand and do the same things on the rear end, and re-grease the rear driveshaft.
For a few years I couldn't ride because of worn out hip and knees, but now I am good, I just need to get the Bike ready.

I was able to find all the books on the LTD shortly after I got my bike, some of them were hard to find 12 years ago so I don't know the availability now.