Full Version: Another starter issue
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I recently have gotten my hands on a 1984 1200 Interstate. When I press the start button, the solenoid clicks but the starter does not turn. I used jumper cables to connect directly to the starter and nothing happened. I put the bike in gear and pushed it make sure the motor was not seized. I also removed all the plugs and still when pressing the start button, it clicks but nothing turns.

I then removed the starter and connected the battery to the starter on the bench. The starter spins up slowly. Here is a youtube video:

The battery is not new and I do not know the condition of it. I had it on the charger all night but not sure if the battery is bad or not.

I looked on youtube and saw a few videos that showed when a new starter was bench tested it would jump off the bench if not held down. Mine does not jump anywhere but seems to just lazily start turning.

Is this starter bad?

Thank you for your time.
Bill, I'd check using a different battery. You are correct that the starter should jump when hit with the jumper cables. If it still spins slowly - then yes it definitely needs repair/replacement.