Full Version: Seats or Seat Mods for a Big Man?
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Have a good friend who just got a great condition 1987 GL1200A.

Problem is that he's a big man, about 6' 2" tall, 330 pounds and "round" as he says! We've got the stock seat (which is great actually) all the way back on the adjustment latch and his knees still hit the fairing!

Has anyone found a "big man" seat for a GL1200 that allows the rider to sit back farther, or has anyone figured a way to perhaps modify the stock seat side mounting brackets to allow the seat to move back farther?

It looks to me like you could move the mounting brackets on the bottom of the seat pan forward a couple of inches. If so, that would allow the seat to move back the same amount.

Any ideas or experience on this would be appreciated.