Full Version: Truth or Not
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Hello All, Just picked up a 1985 LTD with an adapted Road Smith trike kit installed. Was talking with the previous owner, and the subject of the 1500 Wing came up. He said that Honda Motorcycle did some testing of the 1500 engine in the 1200 frame. According to his info source (a person that worked at Honda Motorcycle), said that the 1985 LTD was the test frame used because it was built a bit bigger and would accept the 1500 engine. According to him, that was the only frame the company used to test the 1500 engine. Has anybody on this site heard this info and know if it's true, or just a fable?? If that is true though, would be pretty neat to be able to wedge a 1500 engine into that frame. If anybody has any info on this, please let me know. Thanks, JPap