Full Version: Greetings
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Hello all. Wolfy here. I'm glad I stumbled across this forum. A couple of months ago, I purchased a 1985 GL200L with 35k miles on it, kicking one of my collector cars out of the garage in the process to begin an aggressive mechanical sorting. Last night, I finally was able to take it on a ride to work after an extensive top to bottom, front to back replacement of all that was dead, broken, worn, or badly overdue to be replaced due to age. I have a few points of attention that are showing themselves after a good long ride, and hope to be picking through the stored knowledge on this forum. A few pics of the new to me 37 year old example of Honda's techy vision of the future... I LOVE it!!
Wow, that is a very nice GL1200 !
Glad you are getting to enjoy the old gal....