Full Version: Can you get GL1200 timing belt covers off WITHOUT removing the radiator?
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So, that's the question! Can you get GL1200 timing belt covers off without removing the radiator to get the two inboard socket cap screws removed?

Such a shame that Honda did not use the same timing belt cover screws as the GL1000. Those actually had hex heads on them and you could buy a special long flat-bar wrench to remove them without removing the radiator.

The GL1200 uses socket cap screws instead. What a mistake. Not enough room to get an allen wrench in there!

Anybody ever find a trick to get the two inboard ones removed without radiator removal?
Well... back to answer my own question!

They in fact DO make a special tool to get the two inboard socket cap screws removed on a GL1200. Looks just like the tool for the GL1000, except it has the proper sized allan wrench tip on each end.

I found the tool on good old trusty Randakk's Cycle Shakk's web site. The one for the GL1000 worked so well, that I'm gonna order this one and give it a try. Randakk's says that you still have to remove the bottom two screws on the radiator and pull it just about 1/2" forward to fit the tool in. WAY easier than removing the radiator which requires top shelter removal and draining the coolant.

I'll attach a picture of the tool.
Glad to hear there's a tool for it! Was it difficult to get everything lined up with the radiator blocking the view?