Full Version: How long have your owned your 1200?
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I have owned many bikes in the past, and I've only had my GL1200 for less than a week. I was surprised to hear the guy I bought it from owned it for 12 years and the guy he bought it from owned it for 10 years. Yes, I'm the 3rd owner. I've never kept any bike for 10 years, maybe this one will be different.

How long have you owned your 1200?

How many previous owners?

Just curious for fun Smile
6 years / Third owner


10 yrs 2nd owner
I've owned mine for 6mos. 2 Previous owners. One from 84-97 then 97-2007. I've owned 1 other bike: 650 Nighthawk.
Purchased new in 85
tricky Wrote:Purchased new in 85
You are the man. Confusedhock: I bet you pretty much know your bike inside and out. You have really taken care of it as she looks brand new. I have owned mine for 3 months and wonder every day why i didn't buy one of these a long time ago.
tricky Wrote:Purchased new in 85

WOW Confusedhock: WOW Confusedhock: I'm impressed!

That is cool! How many miles have you put on it?


11 months here (3rd owner)
8 months after PO had since '99 unknown history before then. Only other bike was a VT500c bought last year in June. Late bloomer in riding. Doing my best to make up for the lost experiences....


2 months, second owner.
Three years, third owner. I will keep it until I can't ride any more. Hopefully many more years of enjoyment.
purchased my 84 in 83 Confusedhock: just like the sig says lol.


Three years, third owner. This is my fourth and most likely, last,'Wing. She's definitely a keeper.
Three years, 2nd owner, Tickled to death!!!!!!!


10 months, third owner.
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