Full Version: Help.. Where is the 20 pin connector?
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I am trying to troubleshoot the gear selector LED readout. From the 84 Aspencade schematic I see that the 1st., 2nd., and 3rd. gear readout wires (which are the one's not functioning) all go through a 20 pin connector, so I want to throughly check it out and clean, grease, BUT WHERE DO I FIND THIS CONNECTOR??? Right Side, LEft side????? It's exact location I cannot find. Help is greatly appreciated.
Most wiring going into the fairing is on the left side under the rubber weather cover.

There is an 6 pin mini plug it goes through first.

Gear Shift Sensor
Check the gear shift sensor for continuity between the sensor terminal and body ground in the gear positions shown.
On Aspencade, make the continuity check at the 6-wire terminal upper half, with the terminal disconnected.

[Image: gearshiftwiring.jpg]
[Image: gearshiftsensorcoupler.jpg]

They then go to the 24 pin on the fairing left side
Thanks for that info. In the picture I see that the fake tank has been removed. Is that hard job?
Seat and Top Compartment Removal
On Interstate and Aspencade remove the saddlebag lids.
Remove the two seat mounting socket bolts.
Pull the seat adjust lever, move the seat toward the rear and remove it.
After 84 just push seat to the rear and lift
Remove the right and left fairing pocket covers and the pockets.
Remove the covers inboard of the pockets.
Remove the frame side covers.
Remove the four top compartment bolts and the compartment.

[Image: topcompremoval.jpg]
When reinstalling make sure throttle cables don't get jammed at the left front.
SUPER!...Thank you.


You can easily remove the false tank without removing the seat, on my aspy anyway.

remove the false tank bolts, lift the front of the tank cover up, till it touches the handlebars, tilt the tank cover slightly then swing the handlebars to the left or right a bit and the cover will come right off.

OK. Thanks for the help everyone. I removed the false tank w/o taking the seat. I put electrical grease in every connector I could see. Also put the ends of the connectors in and out several times in order to make sure there was a good connection,. Now here's the real dumb part. Damn if I couldn't determine which one was the connector for the gear selector LED display. Compared the color code on the wires with the chart.. didn't jive with anything. the gears for 1, 2, and 3 still not displayed. Replaced the speed sensor with a good used one from eBay. Speedo now working fine. Very happy with my new patch sewed on the leather jacket..thanks
Try this

Gear Position Indicator
Disconnect the black 6-P coupler from the meter; turn on the ignition switch. Shift the transmission out of Neutral into any gear.
Check for correct indication in each gear position by grounding the coupler terminal as shown.
If the indicator displays properly, check the shift sensor.

If the indicator still does not indicate properly, check for
loose or poorly connected wire or connection.
I N 2 3 4 OD
1/Y N/Lg-R 2/BI-Y 3/W-Bu 4/R-W OD/G-0

[Image: LCD.jpg]

Replace the LCD unit with a new one if necessary.