Full Version: GL1500 light bar on GL1200 SEI
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I've been playing around in the shop again Big Grin , I've mounted a Drag Specalities light bar for a GL1500 on my 1200 SEI. I made some brackets and done a little modifing here and there to get it to fit but I believe it was worth it.

I really like the sleeker style of the 1500 light bar and the fact that the longer length allowed the body lines of the saddlebags to continue to flow almost uninterrupted into the lines of the light bar, where as some of the light bars made for the 1200 seem to stop short of reaching the front of the saddlebags and either use a chrome filler plate or have to be mounted on a secondary set of rails. I was able to mount this light bar so that it fit up against the lower chrome of the factory saddle bags.

[Image: bikeparts0092-copy.jpg]

And the 20 extra lights will really help with visual effects at night.

[Image: bikeparts0032-copy.jpg]
I have one more to mount under the travel trunk.
Nicely done, looks good, you have the external alternator to power all those lights.... yes?
she looks like an UFO from behind :lol: nice Smile
Thanks I appericate the comments, yes there is a Denso alt on the SEI Tricky and William_86 I like the thought of a UFO 8) :lol: Now beam me up Scotty!