Full Version: How to make Stock exhaust sound a lil louder?
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Hello folks, im wondering here if there was some trick to modify the stock system to make some nice and better sound

Drill out the rivets in the baffles and slide the baffles out. It will get louder.
can you explain how?, like pics of something cuz theres nothing about that on my user manual :\
If you look under the tail pipe there should be a pop rivet, drill it out and pull the baffle out.
beats me why you want a noisy bike, do you have a noisy car?
i just want it to sound a lil muscle xD can someone with the baffles off record a video or just audio and post it here ??


My 'Wing had a set of Jardine pipes on her when I bought her but the sound was far too uncomfortable for us. I installed a new Honda stock system as a replacement and we are much happier.
I installed a new MAC exhaust system on my wing, I really like it, it is a little louder then the stock exhaust but the tailpipes extend about 1.5 inches past the saddle bags. It adds a nice touch to the bike, you can see them in my pictures
errrrr.... pour some water in it and let it rust out

okay, only kidding, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity
hey guys do you have some video or audio of your exhausts?
I think what people are asking for, is someway to modify Goldwing stock exhaust so that the sounds gets a little more throaty. We don't want loud, as much as we want to hearthe muscle in 1200 CC of Honda engine.

Think about what a Harley sounds like. That sound is one of the main reasons that American junk bucket gets all the respect it does.

Is there anyway to get a Harley like sound from a stock Goldwing exhaust without having to resort to loud and irritating straight pipes that would be the result of simply removing the baffles?
Skymajic, Thats what i wanted..

to hear the muscle of those 4 cylinders Wink
You guys are asking for the impossible. The cylinder configuration does not allow for a deep throaty exhaust note. The closest I ever got to a Harley sound was completely open pipes inside of 4" tail pipes and it only sounded good above 2000 RPM, below that it was still quiet.
I'm not an exhaust expert by any means at all, but I know that on cars, pipes can be "tuned" to deliver a certain sound. I drive an 82 Dakota 6 cylinder, and the pipes are tuned so well, that in the cab it sounds like a very nice v-8. My brother assumed my exhaust system was shot, but it was brand new when I bought the truck.

I can't help but wonder, if they can do that for a vehicles exhaust system, why can't that be done to a motor cycle exhaust?

I think, unless someone offers some good advice, this summer I might try taking the baffles out and seeing if they can't be modified. Maybe less baffle and more packing? Maybe just less baffle? Maybe a complete redesign on the baffles?

I don't know yet. When the weathergets nice, I might be spending too much time on it to have time to get under it. :wink:
anybody have any ideas about modifying the baffles?

My thought is this. I want to experiment, but do so on the cheap. This means I can't go hacking up the baffles, in case it doesn't work. So what I think I might do, is pull the baffles and get some pipe that's similer in size and weight, and use that to beat on or cut, and if I get posative results maybe then I'll cut the original baffles?

I don't think simply removing them would work for crap. All you would get is a low quality noise. I think though that it might be possible to reduce the amount of baffle and thereby increase the volume just a little bit. Maybe in this way the sound can be improved.

As is, when you pull on the throttle you can both hear and feel the power, though it's highly muffled. I'm thinking just a tiny bit more noise and the quality of sound might improve.

It ain't never gonna sound like a Harley. But maybe I can make it sound like a damned fine Honda?
i was told its possible to remove the baffles and be able to install them back if you do it in the right way. i haven't done it cuz, after thinking about it, i dont want it to make more noise anymore, i love my cruising sound, i can listen to my music or even talk with other friends bike to bike if needed. some people have told me that it sounds fine and powerful when i rev so ill not mess with my muffler anymore. Tongue Tongue
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