Full Version: What is the knocking when I start the engine from cold?
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Maybe the oil filter is dirty??????


Alot of the noise I hear I usually attribute to all of the oil having settled in the bottom of the pan and when you hit the starter button it takes a second or two for that oil to get up to the improves greatly the warmer it gets I guess what you;re hearing is just a normal thing as far as I can tell without actually hearing it..


Might be time to go to a oil that is a bit lighter. I started running a synthetic 5-40 in my truck and bike and feel pretty good about it. The wing will get some once things warm up a bit.
That's where it would be nice to have a pressurized accumulator to prelube the engine before starting.

Randakk is interested in working with me on one of these as a prototype.

Basically what it does is use the stored engine oil pressure via a chamber with a gas spring and before the engine is started it would release the oil under pressure into the oil galleries of the engine creatind a fully pressurized oiling system before the engine even cranks.

I've got to make time to do drawings on that device because it could add life to many 1200's because the dry starts are eliminated and it should also eliminate or reduce the cold start noise if it works as my mind say's it should.

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Hey Vic

Just a thought for you.I know some trucks and cars use oil filters with check valves in them to stop that dry start up knock.If you had the spin on filter adapter and used a filter with the check valve would it not do the same for your Wing?I am assuming the adapter works on the 1200 as well as the 1100.It wouldn't keep the system pressurized, but would keep oil from bleeding back down.I know that it works on my GMC 4X4,but maybe not with the flat 4 engine.I guess a study of the oil circuits might clarify this.Just food for thought.It would be a simple way to deal with problem.
Good thinking Chris and it's certainly worth studying further. Thanks for the heads up on that.

I'll talk to Bob Hagerman, he builds the oil filter adaptors and he might have further insight on this topic.
Where might one find one of these spin on filter adapters?


TomKat Wrote:Where might one find one of these spin on filter adapters?
Check ebay. There is a guy who makes them (got the url somwhere) and he often lists them on ebay. Do a search for gl1200 parts & accessories. I think they run about $50 + shipping.
JimC in NC


TomKat Wrote:Where might one find one of these spin on filter adapters?

Try here!

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JimC in NC
Thanks.... my wish list grows every day...
Hey guys, I just bought my first GW (-84 ASP), and did the first oil change on it. I'd be interested in one of those adapters. The link on this old thread is dead, can anyone steer me to the right direction?
You can write to the manufacturer of the oil filter adapter directly at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> his name is Bob Hagerman.
sounds good about pressureizing the system but can`t you turnoff the kill switch turn the motor over about 6 rounds should do it or 10 to be sure. Then switch on and start. As we say in the post office would that make to much sence. Sometimes we try to compulate things to much. My two cents.

Unfortunately the batteries in these bikes aren't really big enough to afford us the luxury of all those extra spins especially when the engine is very cold.
your wing does have a bypass (and it really is the same as the spin on filters).... when the cold thick oil pushes into the middle of the oil filter it pushes the filter further into the cover and "bypasses" the filter. As the oil warms and gets thinner the spring (remeber that spring and washer thing yo kept wondering about when you changed the filter) pushes the filter back down the shaft and the oil goes through the filter
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