Full Version: Type III Panasonic Installation Schematic?
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I have a 87 Interstate that I bought with a big hole where the radio should have been. I managed to by a Radio on EBAY for 250. Ussually they go for around $600!

Anyway, I got the rail kit and the cable with the radio but the mechanical stuff looks a little confusing. Does anyone have a picture of how the radio is installed? I have either a Haynes or Clymer (Which one escapes me right now) but it does not have a section for radio installation. Can anyone help me? I am doing a lot of searching right now via google.


You will notice that an amplifier is needed, also the handlebar controls (muting and search switch)
If your wanting to install the intercom

[Image: basicradio.jpg]

And of course the rest. CB etc

[Image: accesories.jpg]
As far as the mechanical installation is concerned, you will have to find a friend and have a look how theirs is installed. If there is anything you can ask directly I can take some photographs if I know what exactly your looking for.

Put your location in your profile there might be someone close to you who can help.
Hi yeah I am not sure if the amplifier is in there, I haven't taken the faring apart yet. Its the bracket that came with the cable that looks odd. The holes don't look like they quite lineup. The radio came off of a 86 and I have an 87. One source I saw had the same model for 1984-1987 but I am not sure if they were the same mechanically. I live in Glendale CA. Thanks for the schematics!

Mine is an 85 so if there is any difference through the model years photographs of mine might not be of any help.

If you look at the breakdown there doesnt seem to be much difference in the 84-85 to the 87


[Image: 84-85.bmp.jpg]


[Image: 87.gif]
Terrific info Tricky. One couldn't ask for better detail.
Vic, Tricky, and any other who are interested. I have a .pdf file of the Hondaline Audio Instruction Manual which has installation instructions, wiring diagrams, part numbers, etc. It's about 2.5 MB. If you are interested. PM me your E-Mail and I will send it along.
Thanks for the offer Bob.

I've already got it but it's a must have for anyone with a GL1200.
You have an Interstate model, this model came with an analogue speedometer and without the radio.
In order to get the Type III Panasonic unit working on an Interstate you will notice that the automatic volume input into the radio system is provided by the digital speedometer, that, in turn is provided with input from a speed sensor on the front wheel.
I am not certain that one could bypass the digital speedometer, even if you had the speed sensor installed.

You would still have to aquire the amplifier and mute/tune switch.

I have heard of people putting the Type III in an Interstate in fact I think I did see one but whether the auto volume was working I don't know, I doubt it.

If I had an interstate and wanted a radio I would opt for an after market radio it would be a lot less of a headache.
Tricky, is the "auto control unit" the box just above the cb radio on the Aspencade with the two knobs? If so, about how much are they to replace? When I try to put the radio through the speakers they will play for a while and then the right speaker will start to crackle a little and want to cut out. When I tap the knobs on the "auto control unit", the speaker comes back on with crackels sometimes. I'm guessing that the "auto control unit", if that is what it is, may be bad or dirty. When I plug in the helmet headset, everything works okay. No carckles and both speakers work for driver and passenger.

Any ideas? :lol: :?:
Yes a pots are a little dirty ,see if you can spray some contact cleaner in them, I give mine a few twists from + to - and it seems to give them a little cleaning when they get crackly. You could replace the pots from an electrical distributor before trying to buy a new unit, I can't remember what ohms they are. but I think if you unscrew the cover and give them a spray that might do the trick.
Don't forget to lube those pots after the cleaning. Remember its metal to metal and it will wear fast without lubrication.
Vic Im not sure if it shows it or not on my bike, (in the pic) but I have a interstate with a type III pansonic radio. My auto volume control does not work with my headsets. Mine was bypassed Like the other winger said, it was made for the aspencade with the sensor on the front wheel, so therefore our 1200 interstates dont have it and wont work. But it can be bypassed if your using headsets or intercoms. as for a after market radio, every winger for her/himself but they dont look near as nice as the passonic stock radio.
I fully agree with you Kim.


where can i find rear speaker housings for the back of my 86 aspy?
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