Full Version: Led Lights
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Hello Riders---I talked to Jim about my Leds, And he is doing his best to help me out. These lights are very bright and I hope I can sove the prolblem. Ride safe,Chuck
Hey Chuck, let me know how you end up liking the lights. I have been considering buying them for my 1200. If I want to replace just the red tail/brake lights in the rear, I would need 4 bulbs correct?

Hi Guys: I'm waiting for my LED's from Jim, I'm converting all my lights to led and i'm installing the conversion kit on my trunk and making them signal lights,however, this won't happen until the spring, boo hoo hoo,
i'm sure it will be alot brighter and save on the stator.
I'll let you know how it turns out, next spring or unless I just can't wait and take the wing out of moth balls and get o jump on things, January sounds good to me.