Full Version: I Still complain about my lighting =(
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Hello folks, merry xmas.

I Still complain about my head light, at nights i cant see as i used on my old bike, dont know whats wrong, i've adjusted the AIM is there any way that the lens(glass?) of the headlight is installed wrong? i mean upside down? i made this example on photoshop of how my light beam looks like on the ground on a highway.

Low beam:
[Image: lowbeamlf4.jpg]

High Beam:
[Image: highbeampb7.jpg]

as you can see... the low beam its rly short, and cant see if theres a hole or something ahead.. the low beam helps me to see far ahead.. but i can see what i could see with the low beam =(

the bulb is really bright, but seems like the lens doesn't spread the light as i believe it should :?: my friends bikes have rly long low beam lights, and the high beam is way better! =( i when i ride at night i have to ride next to any of my friends to use their light to see the road :cry:

i dont feel safe riding like this by myself

friends light on low beam. most of them look like this. im talking about a couple of 1100cc v-star bikes, an oldie bmw r65 1981 and a few chinese bikes, well even my old chinese bike light looks like that ;P
[Image: friendslightsi5.jpg]
I would try another bulb, sometimes the bulb can be built wrong. If you get the same thing with a replacement bulb then you can feel confident that the reflector is defective.
i made a post a month ago about the bulb.. i used like 3 diferent bulbs and i had the same light also, swiched my dad's bulb and on his head lamp the light was fine. =\
There's your answer, you need to find a better reflector.
I started this post mainly because someone is offering me a xenon kit for h4 bulbs, i wonder it will realy help me or not =( the low beam goes with xenon, and the high beam will use halogen

[Image: h4hilolowxenonfarhalogejq9.jpg]

they have after market reflectors out there??
I have not yet driven in the dark of the desert since I installed my lights but I certainly can say with confidence that you probably could see my driving lights on the rising moon..... add some and you wont be sorry.
here are a few pics of my headlight lens, is there any possibility that it could be installed upside down? can someone check, when i was changing my bulbs i noticed a few tabs and some kind of locks that can be removed to remove the glass

[Image: img1470yv7.jpg]
[Image: img1473jk8.jpg]
[Image: img1471qi1.jpg]

i just noticed that this letters are in the right way so i think there is no way this thing is upside down. it says MOTORCYCLE HALOGEN on the left side and the right side says: 4371 or A371 STANLEY

[Image: lenskj8.jpg]
The lens looks correct but someone may have bent the metal reflector on the inside causing it to be out of focus.
I am sure your lens is right because you can see the word TOP in the top center of the lens.

I would agree with Vic, that your reflector must not be shaped correctly, or that your bulb is not sitting in the proper position in relation to the reflector.

Good luck
Sup folks, i just ordered my kit of Xenon HID , it will be for the low beam only, but im sure it will be way better light than now, and the high beam will be halogen as the pic i posted above. i hope the kit arrives monday Smile when i install this kit i will make sorta of a guide for the folks arround here Smile also will clean the reflector to get better results and check that everything arround there is in good shape ;p ah im also thinking about installing strobe lights on the marker lights next to the headlamp Tongue
Let us know how it works outs out.
im using xenon o.o and it is available as single beam and hi/low with a solenoid or some kind of mechanic instrument on the back on the bulb that moves the inside of the bulb so u have low and high beam which is a bit big for installing into the small space behind the headlamp,and the one im using, it has xenon for low beam and halogen for high beam. i was told that xenon is the best light you can get so far
As far as I know xenon is the best in lighting but there is also bi-xenon which gives you zenon for low and hi beam as far as I understand.
i already got xenon, i decided not to install bi-xenon because the back of the bulb is too big and i did not wanted to have to modify the inside of the fairing
Looks like you might have to install a light bar and add some lights externally like I did. They made a big difference on my bike.
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