Full Version: Headlamp install question
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I successfully removed the headlamp assy and changed the bulb, now I am trying to re-install the assy and am having problems getting the headlight adjuster cable mounted on the assy! Any special trick to this? :roll:
Can't help you with that one, never having actually removed the cable. Why did you remove the cable anyway?
Because I had to fish for the right speaker wire when I installed the new power amp. For some reason the wire was jammed and wouldn't pull out to where I could get to it in the left pocket.

There has to be a simple way to get it re-attached...I just haven't found it yet!!
Having a helper hold the headlight while you hold the cable plate down and start the screws might help. It is akward because the cable seems a little short but it can be done if you're patient and careful. You need to get the headlight at just the right angle to give you the most cable slack.
remove the aim knob. the nut and a couple of washers, then push the thing inside the fairing, then you can pull the cable a bit and install the plate with the 3 screws. to install it u must remove the pocket and u're done.

i never got to change my headlamp bulb or marker lights without doing those steps.
Actually I figured it out from a Haynes manual (I knew there was a trick to it!). You hold the light at a 90 degree angle with the adjuster at the bottom of the assy and it slides right in! I spent 2 hours figuring this out...I hate that!

Thanks for the answers,
It's all in the angle. Glad you finally got it. Big Grin