Full Version: lifter noise
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In south texas and it has been around 90 the last 3 weeks and my left bank lifter is sticking.
Until today after a minute of ideling it quits.
New ngk plugs but only 30 mpg with interstae riding.
Today it took approx 2 miles before the miss quit but the click remained for a 5 mile mild ride.
Oil has less than 1,500 and is 10-40 castoril with cartrige filter.
Would you use rislone 1/2 qt to oil change?
or any advise would be apprecaited.
Do not use any additives that might hamper use of the clutch, the clutch uses the same oil as the engine.

Using Marvel Mystery Oil in the last 200 miles prior to oil change may help.
If your oil level is on the low side it will affect the tappets.
If your level is too high foaming may occur and also will affect the tappets.

10w40 castrol, is it dino oil or synthetic. you might find that in your part of the world where temperatures are on the high side a 20-50 synthetic oil Mobil 1 V-Twin may help, somewhat expensive but you probably will find better shifts and gear changes and a quieter engine. (my personal choice anyway) after 22 years of using DINO oil.
I will try the Marvel oil-always had good success with.
I forgot the transmission usede the same oil.
I have put no additives in oil but have used lucas in gas?
No clutch slippage but the normal clunk.
PS does the 27-29 mpg seem low?
Yes I would think so.
Run the MMO through the gas.
Have the carbs sync'd I think there is a step by step on the forum Click here!
Will use MMO
I've tried to find MMO but with no luck.
I've heard Sea Foam works just as well in the crankcase to help clean lifters????????